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'What kind of an exorcist is helping a demon? Are you stupid?’
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"We’re neither humans…nor clothing! And that is the real…Life Fiber Synchronize!”

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I’d rather go without eating and drinking for five days!!

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Happy Belated Birthday Notti!

This is so overdue and shitty as heck, but I wanted to make you something for your special day. Once I get my creative juices flowing again I’ll make you something decent! I swear! Anyway, I love you and I hope you had a great day! <3

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AO HARU RIDE »» [Yoshioka Futaba]

The screaming flower

I’m not special. I dont plan to be important or remembered. I’m the girl who looks at the world wondering where I fit. I’m the girl who makes myself sad to see you happy. I’m the girl with no morals. I’m the girl who underestimates the world. I’m the girl who you hear crying. I’m the girl who lost hope. I’m the girl who listens to music, hoping it relates. I’m the girl who cant speak.

Yet, I’m the girl you hear screaming…

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Sometimes, even if you love someone so bad, you just simply need to let them go. Because after all the pain you had put them through. You just simply want to make them happy without you. You need to accept that sometimes even if they think you are what they need…It is simply not you.

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