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tuskis asked: Annie or Eren?
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"I know! How fun it is to swim with friends… how good it feels to swim in a relay together… You were the one who taught me that, Rin!"
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my birthday is in five days and i don’t know what i want

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K I R I S H I M A  T O U K A | Edited by 
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"I am not a doll."

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 "People often make jokes out of his name because it sounds like English "kiss me" - free-wikia

and so i made a comic strip out of the trivia xD

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✮ Free!Eternal Summer ✮ RIN MATSUOKA
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This is my little brother Izumi, and he’s making his show business debut! 
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02 theme by mars

live preview / my blog (temporarily) | code

oh hey i made another one


  • 400px/300px posts
  • pop-up window with 6 custom links (click ‘more’)
  • optional infinite scrolling
  • optional post shadows
  • stretched background option
  • custom sidebar/post opacity
  • optional captions/tags
  • custom favicon
  • + other basic stuff
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Free! Occupations (3/5)
Nanase Haruka The Chef  ◕ ◡ ◕.